Thank your hero…

A daily routine, walking up to the sunrise with a hot cup of coffee reading the newspaper our day begins.

We’re in our own rush to reach our workplace on time, completing our chores for the busy scheduled day ahead, but we often forget what makes it easy for us…There must be someone responsible, always running behind us, waking us up, making good healthy breakfast, not to miss that first cup of coffee that gets us going, doing the things we left undone…and all the countless things they do!

To me, this hero is my mom…Without who I wouldn’t be on time to college. Some days, just her absence for a few minutes makes me feel something’s missing, the times, I can’t find my paint brushes, or that one particular dress I want to wear…she’s just a call away…

So, no matter how busy you are, make sure you sit down and spend some time with these heroes in your life…


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