“Eternity”…long enough ?

Friendship is the best relationship they say, but sadly only a few stay until the long run. All our lives we spend partying, socializing, and meeting new people we call our ‘friends’, but I don’t really call that friendship. They’re just the people we know…not really friends.

School and college years are a refreshing flashback of our childhood we all cherish the most. For all the responsibilities we hold on our shoulders as we grow up into adults.

I think it takes some bonding to refer to them as friends. I value each person I meet, for all the times spent with them, yet I’d choose to take time to getting to know them closely and then give them the special name of friends…it just takes something special to call them friends. That feeling when you feel free to speak what your heart says, not bothering what they’ll think about you, because friends never judge each other…they’re the ones who’ll stand by your side, when no one is around. Friends are the ones who and stay till the timeless eternity.


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