All the carefree days I miss.

1. Getting extra pocket-money, from your naani/ daadi or any other elder member of the family..just for no reason ! They’re so sweet !! The early teenage years of my life, I’d get about a hundred rupees on the day of a festival, and my nani would say “now, go buy yourself something nice” Thank you naani, daadi.

Well, what I did after that is a different thing..I’d go put it in my mother’s bag, and forget about it 😛

2. Any one whom I haven’t met in the years I’ve grown up… say a distant relative I am introduced to at some wedding, who would NOT tell me “oh you’re all grown up”
A hell Lotta respect to you !! Not that I don’t respect the ones who told me so, but I it seems to me like you people thought of approaching youngsters in a different way !
You didn’t start a conversation by asking ‘so..which class are you in?” or “what do you want to become when you grow up”
Thank you for taking that extra step…for actually making a genuine effort to talk to us, like we talk to our friends. I really appreciate it.

3.I love the years,no! sorry correction I will always* love the years of my life where I had no weight gaining to worry about..all the elders would buy you whatever you wanted to eat..and now you don’t have to be told ! All that you tell yourself is do anything but gain weight. Oh and ‘eat healthy food’ !

4. Yes…I can go on and on about food. I am a foodie. and here’s another point. I’d always want something too much with my bowl of rice. I wouldn’t
eat food until then. Being the fussy one, my relatives would buy a packet of chips for me. (yes I was a pampered child)

5. Thank God, I did not have a phone for myself, during my younger days. I played out side, and also nodded my head, and answered a few questions asked by people sitting around me, as a kid.

6. Can’t deny this…my aunt would buy me little girly things, as I’d grow up, through the teenage years.


Loved gifts. Always !

7.Being able to get away with family gatherings, where I’d have no one of my age. Wish I could have that as an excuse.
But no, I’m a foodie ! I need no one my age to eat good food 😛

8.The opportunity of getting to play..every evening. Unfortunately lasts only a few years.

9. Anyone younger than me ! A leo never leaves a chance to show what she has got, So I’d show my little sister how it’s done, and by that I mean
how to trouble you mother. (let me give you an example, start talking..just rant away when she brings a spoon full of food, near your mouth, they hate it !)
See..I was some influence 😉

10. The times, when my cousin sister, and me would giggle continuously, for an absolutely silly reason.

11. Last but not the least, while I’d be in deep sleep carried by my dad from the car parking and being tucked in bed. It was the best thing ever! can’t say more on this one. It’s just one of the most cherished times.


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