The bitter side

No sugarcoat ! Yes.. I know that the first thought that might come to you would be that it might sound impolite, Just at times..the truth might seem bitter, but would you like it someone would hush up ? Instead of telling you the facts right ? Think about it ! You might not feel the same, and it’s not necessary we agree on it. Well, frankly I have never liked it when people sweetened the bitter side.

So, here are the perks of being straightforward

1. People get to know you better. sugar-coating the truth, does not always get you closer to someone. By telling them the truth, you’re winning their heart, well their confidence too! People appreciate you for your honesty.

2. You know when the time’s right. You have the power to handle the situation before it slips out of your hand. When you truly care about that person, you tell them the truth, and also stand by their side through thick and thin. Now! That’s something appraisable !

3. It also gives you the courage to face the bitter facts, you’re bold to face the truth

4. Self acceptance ! Now, this is similar to the 3rd point I’ve mentioned above. You can change yourself, turn the bitter things about yourself, into a good, positive perspective.

5. Talking about perspective, you tend to analyse the situation with maturity. When you have decisions to make, you are practical, and soft at heart, also have regards for others.

6. Keeps you out of trouble! Need I say more ?

7. ‘Smile, and the world smiles back at you’ works just as simple here too. Be straightforward, and so will people be towards you !

Last but not the least.. I’d like to reassure you all to not misunderstand the ones you do not sugar coat the truth. One do not mean to hurt you, they rather care about you more, hence do not want you to be kept in shadow. Straightforward people know the every side of the story. They will stick around knowing the depth of the situation. All you need to do is accept them, and trust them.

P.S: You can trust me too 😛  🙂


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