The sabbatical

“The sabbatical”’s life where mobile phones are the least important. In today’s world, mobiles are the first and the very basic way of communication, unlike back in the day where there was no such thing as a mobile phone. Where people would actually take the time to have a conversation.

Sitting down comfortably with a cup of coffee in the balcony with your loved ones..nah! Gone are those days..well, now things haven’t changed much, if you add a mobile phone, to the same situation. It’s just that the phone is given all the attention.

Keeping yourself from the internet for a while, You won’t crib about time flying out of your hand. Trust me on this one..personal experience. All you have to do is let go of your phone. I felt free for those few hours I didn’t have my phone. Now, just imagine no buzzes/ beeps..neither any phone calls for a longer duration. Yet, it all depends on you, your mind. Only if you’re mentally prepared to ignore the vibrating ‘bzzz’…

here’s all that you can do :

Sunrise. wake up early, go old school, use an alarm clock. Walk into your balcony, with a cup of coffee..I don’t have to say anything more..I’m pretty sure you have that thought in your mind, despite the sabbatical. Don’t deny it.. 😉

Travel. Go out on trip, carry a book, write what you feel, how you feel, what you see…just anything you want to say.

Sing. Yes, sing. Try not to listen to music, through your phone, iPod, tv, laptop etc.. sing the song that comes to your mind, or maybe sing and dance too ! 😉

Paint. It need not be a great painting. Allow your thoughts to flow freely, don’t hold back, or be cautious on people judging your need not show it if you don’t want to. Just express yourself.

Connect with people. Meet them somewhere, hang out. Talk to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while..

And..let me know what you feel about a sabbatical. Suggestions and comments are most welcome 🙂 Stay cool


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