The ‘to do’ list..

I love staying up until late in the night, sitting in front of my computer, googling things…

Shopping, now here I do not mean the stereotype shopping..I really don’t mind the low-key kinda shopping, I prefer painting the town red in those small streets, instead of walking into a mall and dumping things into a huge trolley.

I am not a voracious reader, but I love reading inspirational stories, people’s experiences. This is also one of the reasons I like reading blog posts, they always have something that I can relate to, or learn from.

Decorating my room in a completely random way, I love it ! Sometimes, I just stare at one particular corner of my room, the next second I’m off my chair looking for something to add to that part of my room. my room itself, I have a fascination for my window.. every night, I’m tucked under my blanket, some soft song playing, and I just stare outside the window, at the trees, the street lights, the road that has a little shine due to the rain. Its simply beautiful.

Being a coffee lover, one of my best coffee hangouts are at my doorstep. The entrance of my house, where I sit down, and watch people drive by..

(Philosophy!!) I love those long conversations, irrespective of the topic. It makes me feel close to that person, and there’s a certain bond that is built with such conversations.

A long walk, on a gloomy day.

Loudly, singing that one song that’s stuck in my head for a long time, when I’m all alone at home, when no one can hear me 😛

I love mugs, yes coffee mugs! Someday, I want to own a crockery cupboard, with my collection of coffee mugs 😉

I might sound weird, but these things give me the utmost pleasure! Let me know what you like, these little things that you love doing. Comments are most welcome 🙂


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