“Homeless to Harvard”

“Homeless to Harvard”,a movie based on this girl who is born in a family of drug addict and alcoholic parents. She had her ‘family’ under one roof while she was young. But as she grew up, she was all by herself.

An eight year old, Liz Murray, had the hardest time growing up. She and her sister ate ice for a meal, shared a tube of toothpaste for dinner, never had friends, no money at all… She dropped out of school when she turned 15. What makes this movie so special is that she did whatever she did ALL by herself. That ! is truly inspiring. It takes guts to walk out of your house and live on the streets, but she had no choice! She’s the ideal “self-made achiever” !

Despite all the difficulties she had to face as a minor, she loved her parents, took care of her mother until her last breath. Took care of her just like a mother would take care of her baby. Her mother was her baby!

Our expectations, out of our lives are endless. What matters is what we have, to cherish what we have. Time, people, comfort, shelter and everything that you love. Each situation in life is going to teach you something or the other. Either you win or lose. You gotta do what you gotta do. Nothing should stop you from dreaming. Nothing CAN stop you from fulfilling your dream.


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