Apart from my interest in art, I also love writing. As I’ve chosen my subject in applied arts that has a huge involvement in typography, fonts and logo designing I realized that there is hardly any importance given to a font! They play a huge role in helping us communicate to the reader. When it comes to writing and reading you would want to read something that grabs your attention. But, have you actually thought about the work that happens before a specific content is printed or a logo is created… or a visiting card is printed?

Read on…Because it might be easy to describe a font, but using it the right way is necessary. 🙂

You may not realize the little things that make a letter or an invitation card the way it is printed and given to you to present proudly to your client. There are of course decorative designs, and colors that add to the charm that suit a wedding invitation card, but the font chosen plays a huge role too!  So, these are some of the fonts that I personally love!


This specific font is a good choice if you need an old-style or bureaucratic look. It was firstly used in the IBM’s logo and in typewriters, giving a very vintage appeal. Its simply timeless ! According to me, a one who loves to write, I’d chose courier new, if I was to ever write a letter to someone. Every look of this font reflects a writer’s words. Back in the days when typewriters were a writer’s most cherished memories.


This font, Riesling, is the definition of sophistication. Some alphabets like “l” in this font stand upright giving it a bold yet, slim appeal. It delivers this sense of quality, and hence Riesling is one of the fonts I love.


If I was asked to describe this particular font in 5 words, I’d say feminine, traditional, decorative and elegant. Kunstler script, is a popular font used in most invitation cards, on banners that advertise jewellery or any other grand occasion. It is very feminine as the letters are thin, with soft edges, yet elegant.


Bold, and style are two features in a font that are hard to put together. The Apollo, font is one such that defines bold and beautiful. 🙂 Another favourite


Fun, and creativity ! Hell yes ! CARDINAL regular !! This brings in ALL the excitement (the last one but not the least…) More such posts coming up…

Keep reading 🙂


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