Everyone says beauty can’t be measured, but where did this beauty go when it comes to mannequins?!

I’ve often passed by those stores that portray a “perfect looking” tall, skinny model with fair complexion, where it stands as a sign to the women with the darker complexion walk into the store admiring the displayed mannequins, rating themselves in terms of ‘beauty’. Some of the stores display mannequins, defining the standard of beauty to a heavier looking woman and make her feel cautious about her appearance. WHY!?

Each woman, irrespective of her looks, tall or short skinny or fat or even dark or fair is beautiful just the way she is. And hey! This goes out to all the men too, you be the way you want. Now, being a female I don’t know much about the things you are judged upon but, taller or shorter than the woman; that should not make a difference.

Beauty comes from within. Let it be that way, don’t try and hide who you are. You’ll look yourself only when you show the world who you are, from the inside.

No one needs to be measured by any standards of beauty. We live in a world that is going grow a lot bigger someday. This isn’t helping in any way!

Why not have mannequins, with a darker complexion, curvy and short! Think about a woman who isn’t happy in her own skin, she wants to lose weight and look “perfect” like the mannequins. She walks into a store to buy a pair of jeans, and the first thing she sees, is BOOM! “Perfect looking” mannequins.

All I’m here to say is, as long as you’re comfortable in your own skin, there’s nothing that can stop you from showing off on the ramps of any fashion show. So, get out there, whoever you are, wherever you’re from, however you look!

Walk on, and stay cool!



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