A walk down memory lane…

There are more than 7.2 billion souls living in this world, out of which you might know just a few. By a few I mean, actually know them, you have a certain bond with them.

Now, out of all these people, could you bond with a stranger the same way you bond with the people you know? Break the ice and ignore all the doubts that come across your mind when you talk to them? Think of them as an individual, another human being. Talk to them, bond with them just the way you bond with the ones close to you.

I tried..well somewhat.

I walked down memory lane, a popular market in the place I live.  As a young girl, I’d follow my mother around as she’d pick vegetables and fruits from the vendors who’d sit on the either sized of the roads. Surviving with just one worn out sweater, sitting through the coarse winter air, trying their best to make as much money possible while they’re shivering. You got Goosebumps. Didn’t you?

Yet, I see the same faces. Nothing much has changed from then except. Except all they had then was time, all they have now is willpower.What gives them this willpower? What makes their smile last, just a little longer. Those sparkling eyes. They speak so much. Expressive, yet agitated.

“Our footprints don’t fade from the lives we’ve touched”. What I’ve learnt from these people can never fade away from my memory, my life.



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