It always gets worse before better.

via Daily Prompt: Panic


“we need to talk” ; “10 missed calls from mom” and boom! Panic attack!

Don’t we all panic when we hear/ read or see these dreadful moments? But, why do we panic? It’s almost like a reflex! what would be the worst? Have you stopped panicking and ever thought about the worst that could happen in the situation? Well, even if you have and the end of things would be worse than you’d have imagined, sometimes calming down would help you think about the next thing you could do to make things better, if not worse.

I’ve noticed myself panicking after I have skipped a class midday and I see the teacher around me while I’m trying to walk out of the campus. What I’d really like to tell myself is that the damage is done. The teacher has seen me, she/he know I couldn’t care less! And also that everyone bunks, and it isn’t a sin to do so. 😀

Panicking in a way makes us realise the consequences we’re about to face, but then at times, we forget that breaking rules worth it. 😉 Well, if you know that it’s worth your time. 🙂

Hope you’ll remember this like I try to remember to not drive myself crazy. 😛








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